“World of Work” is a website developed by local school students with the support and guidance of career and employment professionals from, along with employers and local authorities in East Surrey.

World of Work offers advice on how to look for and apply for jobs, how to deliver the perfect interview and an insight into what employers expect from young people joining their business. Key resources include interviews with local hiring managers and business people with knowledge of the local job markets.

World of Work is hosted on the main navigation bar of and is available for all local schools, colleges and young people and their parents to access.
  • Designed for young people by young people
  • Specific to East Surrey
  • Raising aspirations of young people
  • Showcasing growth sectors and employers

“Young people need the best advice and guidance as they make decisions regarding their first steps to a career.  Their preferred route to information nowadays is online and the World of Work website is designed by the young to appeal to the young. Their job fulfilment will be increased as a result.” – Rosemary French, Gatwick Diamond Initiative 

“I really enjoyed working with people I did not know before as it helped boost my confidence.  I gained lots of new skills especially team working and communication” - Freya Bloor, student

“The launch event was fantastic, a great resource, badly needed and put together by young people who will benefit along with many others, in a big way.” - Lynne Skinner, Young Enterprise